Recep ÖZCAN's

SINCE 1981

Biography - CV
(Kısa Özgeçmiş - CV)


      Name               : Recep
      Surname         : Özcan
      Date of Birth   : 30.06.1981
      City                    : Bursa
      Country            :  Turkey

   Educational Background:

   High School (1995–1999)

   Graduade: Physics (1999–2003)

   First Master of Science:  Solid State Physics(2004–2006)

   Second Master of Science : Physics Education(2007–2009)

   Doctorate:  Solid State Physics(2010-...)

   8 Different Art and Design Education Seminars – Cources (1999–2012)


   As a curator in national galeries. (3 times)

   Short Biography:

I have been drawing cartoons for ten years. I work as physics teacher and graphic designer since 2003. I joined many congresses, panels and symposiums as speaker. Besides cartoons and physics, i am also interested in glass design, literature, body-painting, graffitti, movies, animations, philosophy, basketball and photography. I have been writing academic papers, poems and short stories and also taking photoes. My cartoons, academic papers, humor writings, short stories and photoes were published in national-international magazines, newspapers and journals. My cartoons were awarded and included in cartoon albums. And also my photoes and paintings were exibited and included albums. I draw political, editorial and other kinds of cartoons for newspapers also for “Apopular Magazine” and "Beyan Magazine" published in Gemlik and on web. As i continue my career as physics teacher, graphic and glass designer, i am drawing caricatures and universal cartoons now. My editorial cartoons and caricatures are included in different international web sites such as toonpool, brazilcartoons, cnc, cartoongmag, saltandpeppermagazine, etc.

   Last Awards and Activities

   2012:  2. Üçge International Cartoon Contest  
                Turkey - Finalist

   2012:   2.nd Axial International Cartoon Contest  
                Hungary -Participant

   2012:   International Day to End Impunity Cartoon Contest
                 Canada -Top 10 Cartoons (2 Cartoons)

   2012:   International Cartoon Exhibition 
                 USA  9 Cartoons Exhibited

   2012:   International Cartoon Contest (RV-Camping)
                USA - Selected

   2012:   Casa Municipala de Cultura International Cartoon Exhibiton
                Romania - 2 Cartoons Exhibited

   2012:   Golden Hat International Cartoon Contest 
                Belgium - Participant

The 6th International Cartoon Contest
                 Urziceni - Romania - Selected

The 3rd International City and Ctizen Cartoon Contest 
                 Tabriz - Iran  -  Participant

International Cartoon Contest "Press Witout Press" 
                Russia - Selected
First International Cartoon Contest 
Sinaloa - Mexico - Participant
   2012:  New Izvetstia Editorial Office International Exhibiton
                Moscow- Russia - 4 Cartoons Exhibited

   2012:  National Cartoon Contest
                Theme: Ecology and Technology
                Denizli - Turkey - Selected 

   2013:  41th International "Skopje" Cartoon Contest
                Macedonia - Participant.

   2013:  The First International Cartoon and Caricature Festival 
Iran-Bajnourd Selected for Album (1 Cartoon)

International Cartoon Contest, "Crime and Punishment"
Brugge - Belgium - Participiant

   2013:  11th FreeCartoons Web International Cartonet Festival
                China Participant

    2013:  Euro-Kartoenale Kurishouten 
                Belgium - Participant

 International Caricature Web Contest
Baku - Participant

    2013:  Salt and Pepper International Cartoon Contest 
                Romania - Selected

    2013:  Salt and Pepper Satirical Art Salon - International Exhibiton 
                Romania - 4 Cartoons Exhibited.

18. th Nehar Tüblek Cartoon Contest: "İstanbul"
                İstanbul - Turkey - Participant

11. National Cartoon Contest
                Sinop - Turkey - Participant

The First International Graphic Humor Festival
                The Sunny Dragon
                Theme: Free
Armenia - Participant

The First International Niels Bugge Cartoon Contest:
                Theme: "To Eat or Not to Eat" 
 Viborg - Denmark - Participant

4th International Cartoon Competition 

                 Berlin - Germany - Participant

    2013:  13th World Press Freedom
                 International  Editorial Cartoon Competition
                 Theme: "Hard Times and Free Speech"
                 Ottawa - Canada - Participant  

    2013:  The 7th HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest
                 Theme: Free
                  Hunedoara - Romania - Participant

6th International Contest of Caricature and Cartoon of VIANDEN
                 Theme: The Egg
                  Vianden - Luxembourg - Participant

 VI. International Contest of Snail - Graphic Humor
 Lleida - Spain - Selected

3rd  Cartoon Contest 
We became a community of Violance
                  Antalya - Turkey - Special Prize

National Cartoon Exhibition 
Antalya - Turkey - 1 Cartoon Exhibited

Mugla Municipality Cartoon Contest 
Mugla's natural, cultural and historica beauties.
  Muğla - Turkey - Selected (1 Cartoon Exhibited)

Atakum Municipality Cartoon Contest
Local Governments
Atakum - Samsun - Turkey - Selected (2 Cartoons)

National Exhibition (theme: Local Governments)
Atakum - Samsun - Turkey - 2 Cartoons Exhibited 

30. Aydın Dogan International Cartoon Contest
 İstanbul - Turkey - Participant

The 3rd Art Festival of Resistance 
                  Theme: Crimes against being human
                   Tehran - Iran - Participant

Don Quichotte International "Öktemer Köksal" Potrait Exhibition
4 Cartoons Exhibited

Humoralia - International Cartoon Exhibition
                   (Between June 2013 - July 2013)
FECOLL Art Gallery - Spain - 1 Cartoon Selected and Exhibited

    2013:    Solo Cartoon Exhibition
                  27 - 30 May 2013 
                  Gemlik - Bursa - Turkey - 63 Cartoons Exhibited
    (The First Cartoon Exhibition in Gemlik's History)

    2013:    Guzelbahce Municipality 2. Cartoon Contest
                   Guzelbahce - İzmir - Turkey - Participant

A Nicola Bucci "Bucnic" Project in Calloboration with Trasimeno
                   Blues Festival 
                   International Competition of Satirical Design 
 Roma - İtalia - Paticipiant

The 5th Medplan International Cartoon Competition 
                  Theme: Gossip 
Brazil - Participiant

    2013:   The 23th Edition of "Humır at ... Humorului"
                  The International Festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature
                  Theme: 1+1=?
Romania - Participiant

    2013:    International Cartoon Exhibition Osor Hırvatska
                  Theme: The Most Important Thing on a (Island) Desert
Croatia - Participiant

Don Quichotte - Occupy Geziparkı / Diren Gezi Parkı
      International Cartoon Exhibition - 3 Cartoons Exhibited

The Just for Laughs 2013 International Visual Arts Contest
                  Theme: Cynicism 
Montreal - Canada - Participian

33rd International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest
   İstanbul - Turkey - Participiant